Time lapse videos with the LX3

18th March 2010

Time lapse videos are a particular interest of mine, which is clear from my previous posts on the topic. In the past I’ve always used my DSLR to capture the images for these videos, but I’ve found that it is not always the perfect solution.

For example, when making a time lapse video of a project at work, I had my DSLR set up on a tripod taking images every few seconds. While the team was very interested in the outcome of the video, the constant clicking of a shutter began to really grate on some, and I had to stop recording after a short space of time.

My Panasonic LX3 does not suffer from the same issue. It’s much smaller and importantly much quieter. However, it lacks any means to trigger it remotely or on a timer. It does however offer a continuous shooting mode, taking images every half a second or so, until the memory card is full or the battery runs out. However, to use this mode, the shutter button must remain depressed.

Therefore I went searching and found a stockist for this online:

Cable release mount

Combined with a cable release, you get this:

LX3 with cable release

And as a result I was able to produce this:


The biggest drawback is that I am not able to control the interval at which images are taken. But I find this to be an acceptable trade off for the gains in quietness and portability.

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